Do you need a Workers Comp Lawyer in NC?

Do you need a workers comp lawyer?  You decide.

The financial outcome of your worker’s compensation case can affect the rest of your life.  Handling it yourself may have terrible consequences.

If your injuries are so serious that they affect, for a long time or forever, your ability to earn a living, you should speak with a lawyer. 

Workers Compensation laws are complicated and different from other laws that deal with injuries.    For the same reason you want a plumber when the pipes burst and an electrician when the lights short out, you should seek a lawyer who practices exclusively in workers compensation to handle your dealings with the workers’ compensation system.

Can I change my lawyer?

You are free to change your lawyer at any time should you feel that you are not receiving the personal care and attention that you deserve. It’s possible that in the immediate days following your injury, you might have quickly chosen a lawyer, but now you may feel that he or she isn’t necessarily the right one for you. Janet Downing has had many experiences in which injured workers have picked less experienced lawyers and have asked her to take over their cases.

If you are feeling that you might need to change lawyers, give Janet a call to talk about your experience. It may or may not be in your best interest
to make a switch, depending on how complex and involved your case has been. A conversation with Janet might help you determine whether your dissatisfaction with your current lawyer is due to a lack of communication that is fixable, or if the level of your dissatisfaction is
great enough to make a change.

After the conversation, if you decide to change lawyers, Janet can help make the transition easy and worry-free for you.


How Janet Downing differs from other firms

  • Janet, not a paralegal or law clerk, will personally handle all the issues and decisions in your case.  This means you are having a former deputy commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission handling every detail.
  • Janet will only take your case if she believes she can truly help you.



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